Ukraine to halt grain exports to Syria: Agrarian Minister

Ukraine may cut grains export to Syria in reaction to the country's purchase of stolen by russians grain from Ukraine, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solskiy states in an interview with Financial Times.

russia continues stealing large amounts of Ukrainian grain from producers in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. As per the official data, the russian military has already plundered half a million tons of grain. However, the minister adds that this figure may be much higher as harvesting campaign in the south of Ukraine is in progress.

“Nothing encourages you more than impunity,” Mykola Solskiy notes.

Ukraine's government accused russia's ally Syria of trading in Ukrainian grain. The minister assumes Syria will thus be deprived of the option to buy grain from Ukraine once the war ends.

“We will make some conclusions about our trade policy for wheat and corn in the future,” he said.

Grains export from Ukraine since the start of 2022/23 has dropped by 30%.

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