The special VAT regime will not be returned to agrarians — Juzhanina

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The special VAT regime in Ukraine will not be returned to the farmers. This was informed by Nina Juzhanina, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Tax and Customs Policy, according to Hubs.

"The special regime has been cancelled and we will not be able to return to this norm. This decision was made by the Government together with the Parliamentary Committee to comply with the IMF requirements. The subsidy of 5.5 billion UAH for certain agricultural producers has already been planned in  the state budget project for 2017", Nina Juzhanina pointed out.

According to her, the state aid will be available for those farmers who are involved in animal breeding, gardening, vegetable cultivation etc.

We would like to remind that UAA prepared a new bill to support farmers, who will be able to receive more financial state aid compared to  special VAT regime. This bill will allow to avoid IMF requirements to transfer the farmers to the general taxation system and prevent corruption schemes. In terms of the Tax Agricultural Conrol Project follows the situation with VAT and shares the latest news.

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