Ukraine is to export 40.2 million tons of grain in 2016/17 MY

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Ukraine is able to export more than 40.2 million tons of grain in 2016/17 MY with the expected production of 64.2 million tons.

According to the press service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy, this was stated by Elena Kovaleva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, at the meeting of the working group on the grain market operation. According to her, members of the working group agreed on their position regarding the current implementation of the mutual understanding memorandum in the grain market and provided the reasonable assessment of the possibility of revision of some positions in the direction of increasing the export potential with the emphasis on corn export.

"As of December 2016 the volume of wheat export in 2016/2017 MY is estimated at 66.5% of the 16.5 million tons recorded in the memorandum, barley — 74.8% of the 5.6 million tons, maize — 33.7% of the 17.2 million tons. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy is ready to consider the possibility of increasing export of grain and corn", she said.

The participants of the working group discussed the existing problems of the access of domestic companies to foreign markets, the issue of phytosanitary quarantine measures, forecasts and plans for selling grain cargoes in the medium term perspective.

It was earlier reported that Ukrainian grain export in 2015/2016 MY totaled 39.42 million tons.

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