and launch Size Does Not Matter project

Photo by: and launch a joint project Size does not matter, which will show the points of contact of agricultural holdings and farms. Soon our readers will find a number of publications on this topic on our platforms. The tag #Size_does_not_matter will be used to mark the publications on the web-sites and on Facebook pages.

The idea of launching the project arose because nowadays there are many myths on the market about the relationship of medium and small agribusiness, there are rumors that the companies are deadly enemies and are ready to "eat" each other for a piece of land.

We have been working in the agricultural sector for 6 years, we visit more than 300 enterprises a year and see that in fact, agricultural holdings and farmers work closely together. They have many common tasks, problems, and challenges that can be solved only by joint efforts.

So, the main challenges for them are:

  • Taxation;
  • Land market;
  • Development of the social infrastructure of the village;
  • Combating raiding;
  • Interaction with the state;
  • Lending;
  • Introduction of phytosanitary norms and so on.

The goal of the project is to destroy the existing myths about agri-enterprises of different sizes and volume production, to show positive examples of mutually beneficial partnership between agri holdings and farms.

In the series of publications, we will prove the fact that, in fact, the size of the business does not matter. After all, agri holdings and farms are important components of a single ecosystem. In fact, business and the country's economy benefit if agri holdings and farmers work together.

We are convinced that in the current difficult period of Ukraine's history it is necessary not to seek enemies, but to promote a dialogue and unite.

Reference: According to the State Statistics Committee and the State GeoCadastre in 2016, the structure of cultivated land in Ukraine totals 42.72 million hectares. In total, 47,700 agricultural enterprises conduct their activities in the agro-industrial complex of our country. About 15% of them are large companies from the list of TOP-100 latifundists of Ukraine and 33.6 thousand are farms.

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