3.5 million hectares under winter grain crops are sown in Ukraine — Sowing Online 2017/18

Photo by: Latifundist.com

As of September 29, 3.5 million hectares of land under winter crops are sown in Ukraine, which makes up 48% of the forecast.

According to the data of the Latifundist.com project Sowing online 2017/18, sowing of winter wheat is carried out on the area of ​​3.3 million hectares or 53% of the forecast territories.

The agrarians sowed winter rye on 96 thousand hectares out of 161 thousand hectares of forecast indicators.

Winter barley is sown on the area of ​​114 thousand hectares, or 12% of the forecast (total area — 926 thousand hectares).

Agrarians also continue to plant rapeseed, despite exceeding the forecast areas — 102% or 795 thousand hectares (forecast — 777 thousand hectares).

As of September 29, agrarians prepared 7.5 million hectares or 93% of the projected areas for sowing winter crops.

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