Sugar plant in Volyn region resumed production of bioethanol

The Biopek company, located on the territory of the Gnidavsky sugar plant, started functioning at full capacity.

This is reported by Ukrsugar with reference to the press service of the company.

It is noted that since May the plant for the production of bioethanol did not work.

"Biopek Plant was stopped because of the unpleasant smell spreading in Lutsk city, the readon of which was called the bioethanol plant. At first the owners independently suspended the plant, and then the Volyn District Administrative Court completely stopped the work of the enterprise on the suit of environmentalists. However, even after that, the unpleasant smell did not disappear," the message says.

Recently, the company won the appeal court in Lvov and, since Tuesday (October 10), the plant resumed its work. It will process molasses, which is a by-product of sugar beet processing.

Reference: in Khmelnitsky region on the territory of Teofipol sugar plant on September 30, 2017, the second largest in Ukraine biogas complex with the capacity of 5.1 megawatt began production of electricity.

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