229 thousand tons of poultry meat exported in January-October

In the period of January-October 2017, Ukraine exported 228.64 thousand tons of poultry meat and offal for the amount of US$ 322.96 million.

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine reports that the key importers of Ukrainian poultry meat in the reporting period are Egypt (US$ 64.47 million), the Netherlands (US$ 62.41 million) and Iraq (US$ 34.15 million). Exports to these countries amounted to 45.64 thousand tons, 44.17 thousand tons and 24.17 thousand tons of poultry meat, respectively.

According to the ShareUAPotential report, the export of poultry meat from Ukraine in October 2017 amounted to 16.6 thousand tons (US$ 28 million in monetary terms), which is the lowest volume since January 2017.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian enterprises in January-September 2017 produced 750 thousand tons of fresh and frozen poultry meat.

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