Ukrainian agrarian export over 11 months of 2017 reached USD 16 billion

Export of Ukrainian agro-products in January-November 2017 increased by USD 2.7 billion (or 19%) as compared to the same period last year and amounted to USD 16.4 billion.

Olga Trofimtseva, Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Deputy Minister for European Integration, informed that the foreign trade turnover of the agro-industrial complex's products over this period reached USD 20.5 billion, USD 4.1 billion of which makes up import.

According to Olga Trofimtseva, the cost of crop exports grew by more than 18% and amounted to USD 15.2 billion. But at the same time, the supply of livestock products in monetary terms increased significantly — by 40.4% and amounted to USD 332.3 million.

"We export mainly to Asian countries with a share of 43% which is almost USD 7.04 billion. India alone imported our products over this period for more than USD 1.8 billion. The share of European countries amounted to 31.8% or USD 5.2 billion, and African countries — 14.5% or USD 2.4 billion," she noted.

Reference: Ukraine and the People's Republic of China signed a program of investment cooperation in the agro-industrial complex.

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