Ukrainian grain production in 2017 is estimated at 62 MT

The total amount of harvested grain crops in 2017 is estimated at 62.3 million tons, which still exceeds the average value of the five-year period.

"Wheat production reached 26.6 million tons, which is slightly higher than the previous year's level and is approaching the record level of 2015. However, the share of milling wheat is estimated lower than the previous year," FAO informs.

It is noted that corn harvesting campaign was completed by the end of November 2017, and the total production of the crop is estimated at 25.5 million tons, which is 9% lower than the record of 2016. The absence of precipitation during the vegetation season led to a 10% lower harvest as compared to the previous year. In addition, excessive precipitation during harvesting campaign negatively affected the quality of grain.

According to analysts' estimates, barley production declined 11% to 8.4 million tons. This decline was mainly due to a 13% decrease in areas under this crop due to less competitive prices, prompting farmers to choose other crops.

Earlier it was reported that the world wheat production in MY 2017/18 should amount to 757 million tons, which is 8 million tons more compared to November forecast of 2017.

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