Unfavorable weather conditions may cause 10–70% yield losses

In Ukraine yield losses due to unfavorable weather conditions, such as drought, can vary from 10 to 70%, FAO reports.

The rise in the temperature of the surface air and the ocean is now 1.1°C in Ukraine.

"The likely consequences of such a trend for our country may be the increase in the frequency of heavy rainfall or snowfall, the emergence of large-scale floods, storm winds, extreme heat, in addition, according to many forecasts, migration of southern pests and pathogenic diseases of forests and crops", the report says.

It is noted that experts stressed the importance of undertaking information and educational activities on climate change for the society and improving the skills of agricultural specialists and competent government officials.

Note: FAO has prepared a program document containing priority directions for the prevention of climate change in Ukraine and the corresponding set of measures. This complex offers the best combination and sequence of activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector, fish farming and forestry. The presentation of the document and action plan is planned in June of this year.

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