Global sunflower processing in 2017/18 should decrease to 19 MT

In H2 of 2017/18, the global sunflower processing volume will decrease to 19.09 million tons, which is 1.3 million tons (7%) less than the indicator of the same period of the previous season (20.42 million tons), APK-Inform reports with the reference to Oil World.

"In Ukraine this indicator is forecasted to decrease to 5.44 (6.46) million tons, Russia — to 4.17 (4.68) million tons, Turkey — to 0.97 (0.99) million tons, South Africa — to 0.36 (0.41) million tons and the United States — up to 0.2 (0.22) million tons," analysts note.

According to the results of 2017/18, the volume of global processing of sunflower should decrease to 43.6 million tons as comparised to 2016/17 (44.8 million tons).

Reference: Stepan Kapshuk, Director of UkrOliyaProm Association, considers that the volume of sunflower oil exports in 2018 will decrease 10.18% to 5.3 million tons (2017: 5.84 million tons).

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