German investment in Ukrainian infrastructure and agriculture may reach EUR 3.2 bln.

In 2018, Germany plans to invest EUR 3.2 bln. in the development of infrastructure, waterways, construction of seaports, and agriculture in Ukraine.

This was announced on March 20 in Berlin during the conference Financing Opportunities in Ukraine — Quo Vadis?, which was organized by the public association Ukrainian-German Forum.

It was noted that corruption still remains a serious problem, and German bankers do not always trust Ukrainian businessmen.

"We have been working in Ukraine for a long time and we know that if people are not going to pay the loan, they will not pay. We have had enough problems with large companies and now we are looking not only at the size and budget figures, because they are also often falsified," said Thomas Oetter, General Manager of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

But nevertheless, country risks in Ukraine are decreasing, and GDP is insignificant but steadily growing, therefore investors are ready to consider new projects and invest money in the Ukrainian economy.

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