Astarta-Kyiv leads among soybean oil producers in 2017

Globyno processing plant, an integrated soybean processing project of agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, leads among soybean processors in 2017. The plant produced 39.5 thou. tons of soybean oil in 2017.

Among the top 5 producers of soybean oil are:

  1. Globyno processing plant (Astarta-Kyiv) — 39.5 thou. tons;
  2. Katerynopolsky Elevator (MHP) — 39.1 thou. tons;
  3. Pology Oil Extraction Plant — 19.5 thou. tons;
  4. Stavchany Oil Extraction Plant (Oliyar) — 10.1 thou. tons;
  5. Protein-Production (GREENSTONE) — 9.9 thou. tons.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian soybean processors produced 167.7 thou. tons in 2017 (2016: 166.4 thou. tons).

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