Vinnytsia region increasing areas under grain crops in 2018

In 2018, the Department of Agri-Industrial Development of Vinnytsia region plans to increase sowing areas of grain crops, and also introduce measures for the development of fruit and berry brunch to maintain the leading positions in agrarian production and attract investment in the agrarian sector, informs.

It is reported that in the current year the areas under corn, winter rapeseed and sugar beet will be increased, whereas sunflower sowing areas will be reduced.

"By the results of the previous year, Vinnytsia farmers produced 8.3% of all Ukrainian agricultural products. The region has maintained its leading position in the production of gross agricultural output, grain crops, sugar beet, potatoes, fruit and berries, meat, milk, and the total number of livestock," Nikolai Tkachuk, Head of the Department of Agri-Industrial Development of Vinnytsia region, said.

Also, he stressed that fruit and berry branch is quite popular, and the area is increasing every year.

Reference: Vinnytsia OFP ranks in the top processors of soybean in September-February 2017/18.

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