Svarog West Group orchards bore 15k tons of fruit in 2017

In 2017 the gross harvest of the Fruit farming project of the corporation Svarog West Group reached 15.13 thou. tons.

The company informs that the total area of orchards is 505 hectares, the species structure includes 85% of apple trees, 13% of pear trees and 2% of stone fruits.

All young gardens were laid out using an intensive technology (on trellis and drip irrigation) and farm-produced biohumus as biofertilizer.

"This year, apple orchards wintered relatively well, so we hope for a good harvest in 2018," comments Serhii Gavrishev Deputy Director of AGROSAD-2005 LTD and Bukovynskyi sad LTD.

Previously it was reported that experts projected the increase in apple harvest in the year 2018.

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