Experts forecast higher yields of apples in 2018

The large proportion of young apple orchards, which enter fruiting in 2018, will increase its productivity, therefore the total yield of apples will increase, the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association informs.

The Association notes that cool March will delay the period of flowering of trees, which in turn will reduce the risk of crop losses due to further frosts. It is possible to confirm this forecast only after the flowering season, which is in mid-May.

"Abnormally cold and snowy March will probably delay the flowering, which will reduce the likelihood of losses from spring frosts. In recent years, most manufacturers suffered because of the untimely flowering of fruit trees provoked by early spring," the message says.

Thus, due to the relatively stable climatic conditions in winter without abnormal frosts and high precipitation, the horticulturists managed to maximally prevent the damage and exhaustion of trees.

Since last year May frosts sharply reduced the yield of many fruit, the trees were able to "rest" and accumulate a sufficient amount of nutrients, which will positively influence the yield this year.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine in January 2018 exported 4.27 thou. tons of apples, pears and quinces for the amount of USD 1.23 million.

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