Svarog West Group promotes world experience in using solid fuel from biowaste

Svarog West Group Corporation actively introduces the world's best experience of using solid fuel from biosource as an alternative energy source.

The company grows a giant miscanthus (Miscanthus giganteus), which is guaranteed to give biomass of appropriate quality.

"Svarog West Group Corporation launched in 2014 a project of giant miscanthus production. Now the harvest season of the crop which is an environmentally safe solid fuel is starting," the company informs.

Thus, the company responsibly uses land resources, provides access to reliable and clean energy, supporting the achievements of 7 Sustainable Development Goals. Svarog West Group Corporation is convinced that Ukraine has a powerful alternative energy-generating potential, sufficient to fully meet the needs of the population and the economy.

Note: Miscanthus giganteus is a plant which height reaches 4 meters, and is widely known on three continents — in Asia, Africa and Australia. It is a revolutionary culture in agriculture, as it has a high calorific value — one of the most effective plants for biofuel production. Its finest hour in Europe came only in the twentieth century when the issue of energy dependence became acute.

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