Avis Zernotrade to build an elevator with the capacity of 60 thou. tons

The company Avis Zernotrade, which is a structural division of the agricultural holding Avis UkrAgro, builds an elevator with the capacity of 60 thou. tons. The grain storage will be built in Belovod village, Romensky district of Sumy region.

Elevatorist.com informs that at the moment, work on the development of a detailed territory plan of the complex for acceptance, conditioning, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds is complete. The project was developed at the Sumy Institute of Architectural Design.

"So far, there have been no comments and proposals to the project from the public," the report says.

Reference: in October 2018, Pyatidni agrocompany plans to put into operation an elevator complex with the capacity of 65 thou. tons of oilseeds and grains in Vladimir-Volynsky.

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