Svarog West Group listed in the Top 20 organic agrocompanies of Ukraine

Svarog West Group Corp. listed in the Top 20 agrocompanies of Ukraine engaged in organic production.

Corporation's 2,7 thou. hectares are designated as organic farmlands, which provided for the 10th position in the rating. At the moment, Svarog West Group has certified 812 hectares for organic farming, and 1,888 ha are in transition.

The main crops in the organic rotation of the Corporation are winter wheat, soybean, buckwheat, millet, flax and gymnosperm pumpkin.

A specifically created enterprise Lotivka-Organic develops the organic business direction of the Corporation.

According to Filimon Anthonyuk, Chief Agronomist of Svarog, against the backdrop of the use of classical technology in agricultural production, the Corporation has been increasing areas under organic crops for the last two years.

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