Global coarse grain production in 2018/19 to decrease 4.3 MT

The forecast for global production of coarse grain in MY2018/19 is reduced by 4.3 million tons to 1 336.8 million tons as compared with the previous forecast (1 341.1 million tons), USDA reports.

USDA notes that this forecast is 21.64 million tons less than the corresponding indicator in MY2017/18 (1 315.16 million tons).

The forecast for coarse grain production in Ukraine decreased by 0.5 million tons to 38.25 million tons. Forecast export volumes declined to 27.17 million tons. Meanwhile, the forecast for coarse grain production in Russia has reduced from 44.93 million tons (in May) to 40.93 million tons.

Previously it was reported that FAO forecast the volume of global grain trade in MY2018/19 at 409.6 million tons, which is a 0.5% (2 million tons) higher volume than in MY2017/18.

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