Agroekologia launches Fresh&Local trading network

Agroekologia launches Fresh&Local trading network.

"Fresh&Local is the name of the distribution network," Gleb Lukyanenko commented for

According to him, the company opened the first store in Poltava and is going to launch the second one.

"We opened the first store in Poltava, we understood how it works. Now we plan on opening the second store, and we are looking for a place for the third one," Gleb Lukyanenko said.

He added that the company has partners who are ready to help with the launch of the network in Kyiv, Kharkov, and Dnipro.

"We called our first store "Meat, Milk" because we sell fresh meat and raw milk, which has a 1-day shelf life. We did that to understand how to trade. We also bake bread. We cannot say that we sell organic produce, because it is not certified, but the products are made of our own organic raw materials," Gleb Lukyanenko summed up.

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