Svarog West Group started harvesting campaign 2018

Svarog West Group Corp. started harvesting early grain crops, pulses and industrial crops.

This year, the harvest campaign preceded the traditional terms.

Enterprises in Chernivtsi region (Kelmenetsky and Sokiryansky districts) and Novoushitsky district of Khmelnytsky region were the first to start harvesting early grain and industrial crops. It is planned to thresh more than 7 thou. hectares of wheat and rapeseed.

"Following the Southern region, the Central and Northern regions of the company are confidently moving, where about 15 thou. hectares are planned to be threshed. In these regions we will gather rapeseed, wheat, mustard, barley and peas," said Serhii Filiuk, Member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the "Crop Production" Project.

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