Dzhulinsky elevator of Agroprosperis started export shipments of new crop grain

Dzhulinsky elevator, which is a structural division of Agroprosperis Group (NCH), started export shipments of new crop grain to the ports of Ukraine.

"Today, the first wagon cars with new crop wheat will head to the sea. We continue purchasing. The prices have grown," the message reads.

According to the enterprise, the current procurement prices for grain are as follows:

  • rapeseed — UAH 11.95 thou./ton;
  • 2nd class wheat — UAH 5.22 thou./ton;
  • 3rd class wheat — UAH 5.1 thou./ton;
  • 6th class wheat — UAH 4.88 thou./ton;
  • 3rd class barley (test value of 580 g/l) — UAH 5.18 thou./ton.

Reference: on July 3, 2018, Dzhulinsky elevator started accepting new crop grain.

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