launches the Restore with Architect media project

Photo by: with the support of the Agricultural Solutions division of BASF is launching the Restore with Architect media project. The project will show how the unique architectural monument of the XIX century — the Sharovskiy palace and park complex — is reviving.

Together with us, the reader can "walk" along the shady Linden Alley, the park with century-old oaks and unique plants. We will tell amazing facts from the life of the former owners of the palace and the legends about them. Each agrarian will be able to join the social project to preserve the national and cultural wealth of Ukraine.

"If you look at BASF as an international chemical giant, we have four core values: Creativity, Openness, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. All these values are intertwined in the Restore with Architect project. With such initiatives we inspire our employees, our colleagues in the market to develop Ukraine together. We hope that other companies will join our initiative. We do not want to be monopolists. The more such companies, the better for Ukraine," says Tiberiu Dima, Country Manager Crop Protection at BASF in Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus.

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By organizers' design, UAH 25 from each sold litre of the Architect will be transferred to the restoration of the complex.

Note: Architect is a new product by BASF, released specifically in the Ukrainian market. It combines the powerful properties of fungicide and morphoregulator, allowing to achieve better results in growing sunflower. European studies showed that due to the preparation, agrarians can increase the yield up to 21%.

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