Agroliga harvested 37% of early grain crops

Weather conditions of the current season allowed Agroliga to start harvesting campaign of early crops earlier than usual. At this point, about 37% of the areas under early grain crops are harvested.

"According to preliminary data, the harvest 2017/2018 fully justifies expectations and even exceeds them. Agronomists note an excellent condition and high potential for grain crops yield," the company informs.

The areas under winter wheat and barley have been increased to 2500 hectares. Sunflower was allocated 3500 hectares.

Favourable weather conditions and integrated agricultural activities made it possible for the company to obtain a high class of grain, protein and gluten content matches the characteristics of the 2-3 class.

Reference: in autumn 2018, Agroliga Group will start the construction of a thermal power station (TPS).

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