Agroliga initiates TPS construction in fall 2018

In fall 2018, Agroliga Group will start the construction of a thermal power station (TPS).

Equipment for TPS will be ordered shortly. A land plot of 0.35 hectares is already allocated for the construction of the facility, which is located on the territory of the oil extraction plant. Thus, the TPS will be located in close proximity to the raw material base, existing networks and the burrow with necessary for TPS debit of water.

The company is going to use one of the common technologies for sunflower husk burning.

"In the course of sunflower processing, we get quite a large percentage of husk waste (about 14 percent of the total mass of sunflower seeds), previously considered as waste. Now, we will purchase and install two steam boilers with a steam generation capacity of 16 tons per hour each and one condensing steam turbo-generator with the electric capacity of 7 MW, which will create all the conditions for us to reach out to non-waste production," the message writes.

At present, negotiations are underway with several power transmission organizations to obtain the most favourable technical conditions for connection to electrical networks. Land management project has already been drafted, town-planning conditions and restrictions received, proposals for funding are being under review.

"As a result, upon completion of construction works, we receive a non-waste production during sunflower processing, make our contribution to solving environmental issues, get additional income from selling "green" energy, and, if necessary, get the ability to switch over to the consumption of energy generated by TPS within the group companies," the company notes.

Reference: the management of Agroliga Group started a new project in the field of bio-energy. A new enterprise AGL Energy LTD was registered.

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