Ukraine increased corn exports to the countries of the Danube River Basin 7.7 times in 9M 2017/18

Over 9 months of MY2017/18, 289.8 thou. tons of corn were exported from Ukraine to the countries of the Danube Basin (Moldova, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Romania), which is 7.7 times more than over the relevant period of the previous season (37.5 thou. tons), APK-Inform writes.

The main volume of grain in MY2018/18 was delivered to Germany, which over the indicated period increased by 7.3 times to 255.7 thou. tons, which is 88% of the total volume of shipments.

The volume of supplies to Hungary boosted 16.3 times. In absolute terms, the increase amounted to 31.8 thou. tons (from 2.1 thou. tons to 33.9 thou. tons).

Reference: the global corn production is expected to grow by 20 million tons to 1,054.3 million tons.

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