MHP cut meat products sales volumes to 16.9k tons in H1 2018

In H1 2018, the agri-industrial holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) cut the sales volumes of meat-processing products (sausages and smoked meat) by 2% which resulted in 16,969 tons compared to 17,250 tons in H1 2017. 

The average price in H1 2018 increased by 32% to UAH 60.01 per kg (excluding VAT) compared to UAH 45.31 in H1 2017 driven mainly by poultry price increase.

Sales volumes of convenience food in H1 2018 increased by 40% reaching 8,126 tons, driven mainly by the introduction of a new product line (cooked and chilled). The average price in H1 2018 increased by 3% to UAH 45.30 per kg (excluding VAT).

Reference: Vinnytsia Poultry Factory of MHP launched the second production line. The complex has the largest incubator in the world. The poultry factory processes 0.5 million heads of poultry daily.

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