TIS installed a complex for the transshipment of grain from wagon cars to containers

The first complex for the stuffing of grain cargoes from railway hopper-type cars to containers was assembled at TIS (Transinvestservice) container terminal.

"Earlier we accepted grain only from motor transport, and now we can accept railroad train with one of the main export cargoes of Ukraine. Moreover, this complex can proceed not only grains but also other small-scale bulk cargoes, for example, ilmenite," the message says.

The complex provides for grain stuffing into 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Its capacity is 4 containers per hour. It is noted that this is a fairly high-speed processing of this type of cargo.

"Recently, grain transportation in containers has been increasing because it is profitable and convenient, and TIS is actively developing new directions for its own container trains. We installed the first stuffing complex on the direct variant "car-container", but we plan to develop this line further," said the dispatch manager Igor Zakharov.

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