Epicenter K plans on Nemyrov elevator modernization in 2019

The agricultural division of Epicenter K plans to modernize Nemyrov elevator (Vinnytsia region) in 2019. This was informed by Svetlana Nikityuk, the Head of the Trading Department of the company Epicenter Agro, AgroTimes reports.

According to her, 40 thou. tons silos will be constructed at Nemyrov elevator so that the storage capacity will increase to 92 thou. tons.

Grain receiving and shipment capacity will be enhanced, in particular, this concerns the rail transport.

"We aim at loading 26 wagon cars per day in Nemyriv, provided there is a daily supply of a locomotive to form a route for two days," noted Svetlana Nikityuk.

Reference: by the end of 2018, the agricultural division of Epicenter K will modernize Vinnytsia elevator and Zakupnyansky cereal receiving enterprise (Khmelnytsky region)

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