Agro holding to produce amaranth announced

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The AgroGeneration company will sow 20 ha of amaranth to test two varieties of the plant (Kharkovskyi-1 and Lera) in 2019. The news was shared by Aleksandr Duda, the head of the Association of the producers of amaranth and amaranth products, in his comment he gave

“Given the right economic impact, we might increase the sowing area of amaranth to 1 thousand ha,” added Aleksandr Duda.

According to Mr. Duda, the company was looking for a crop to put on the crop rotation plan designed for four fields. The target plant was supposed to turn a profit of 10 thousand UAH per ha and improve soil fertility. Based on those criteria, the company chose amaranth.

Reference: one of the Top 10 Latifundists of Ukraine showed interest in growing the niche plant of amaranth.

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