Dredging in Chernomorsk Sea Port outpaces schedule

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), another large infrastructure project by the USPA is currently being carried out in the Chernomorsk Sea Port. As of August 20, 2018, China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) dredged the approach channel by 105.92% of the plan.

“Over the past week, the dredging fleet has made 113 voyages. The crew extracted 76 thousand m3 of soil at the approach channel of the port. In total, since the beginning of the work, there has been extracted 119.5 thousand m3 of soil while the planned amount was 112.8 m3,” highlights the report.

Nine vessels of the Chinese company currently work in the Chernomorsk Sea Port:

  • two dredgers;
  • six barges;
  • a self-propelled tugboat.

Since August 20, 2018, the dredging will be carried out in the area of the 1st bucket of the Dry Liman (1st stage).

After the completion of the works, operational and planned-for-reconstruction deep-water berths of the port will be able to receive heavy cargo ships with a draught of up to 14.5 m of a Capesize type and deadweight up to 100 thousand tons and container ships with a capacity of 8 thousand TEU.

“The dredging involves not only deepening but also expanding the approach channel. To date, the length of the channel is 1,400 m, the width is 150 m, and the depth is 14.5 m. After the reconstruction, its parameters will increase: length – up to 1600 m, width – up to 160 m, depth – up to 16 m. The dredging of the water area of the 1st bucket of the Dry Liman will allow reaching the depth of up to 15 m in its central part,” emphasized the USPA press service.

The total amount of dredging in the Chernomorsk Sea Port will reach about 2 million m3:

  • of the approach channel – more than 500 thousand m3 of soil;
  • of the water area – almost 1.5 million m3.

Reference: the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) held the first round of consultations within the framework of the World Bank's technical assistance project aimed at supporting the reform of the port sector of Ukraine.

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