Harvesting campaign of grains carried out on 10 mln ha

As of September 5, 2018, agrarians harvested 34.8 million tons of grain and leguminous crops from 10 million hectares (68% of the forecast) with a productivity of 3.46 tons/ha.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine reports the following yields:

  • early grain and leguminous crops — 34.3 million tons from 9.9 million hectares with a productivity of 3.48 tons/ha;
  • buckwheat — 46 thou. tons from 36 thou. hectares with a productivity of 1.28 tons/ha;
  • millet — 41 thou. tons from 26 thou. hectares with a productivity of 1.6 tons/ha;
  • sunflower — 1.6 million tons from 804 thou. hectares (13%) with a productivity of 1.96 tons/ha;
  • soybean — 225 thou. tons from 92 thou. hectares (5%) with a productivity of 2.45 tons/ha;
  • rapeseed — 2.7 million tons from the area of 1 million hectares with a productivity of 2.61 tons/ha.

In addition, rapeseed sowing campaign is currently carried out. Of the forecasted 888 thou. hectares 741 thou. hectares are already planted (83% of the forecast).

Reference: the agricultural enterprises started harvesting amaranth, namely the early-ripening Ultra variety. Yields range from 1 to 2 tons/ha.

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