ROSTOK-HOLDING started harvesting late crops

Branches of ROSTOK-HOLDING started late crops harvesting campaign, in particular, soybean, sunflower and corn.

As of September 11, soybean is harvested on the area of 2.4 thou. hectares, which is 25% of the total. Corn is collected on the area of 0.6 thou. hectares of the planned 22.5 thou. hectares. Sunflower harvesting is carried out on the area of 0.2 thou. hectares of the planned 9.6 thou. hectares.

The final yield indicators are expected at the planned level.

"This year we are harvesting ahead of schedule. Corn, sunflower and soybeans are our specialized crops. Their total share in the structure of cultivated land is 74%. We were properly prepared for grain threshing. We increased the grain drying capacity of our elevator complexes in Ichnya (Chernihiv region), Hlukhiv (Sumy region) and modernized the grain drying capacity of the elevator complex in Novgorod-Seversky (Chernihiv region)," comments Yuri Lebedev, Chief Agronomist of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group.

According to him, the company purchased additional units of agricultural machinery — John Deere tractors, Case Patriot self-propelled sprayers, Amazone spreaders, etc.

The farms are now preparing fields for sowing winter wheat. 10 thou. hectares are allocated for winter wheat.

Reference: in 2018, the share of corn in the structure of the sown areas of the Group is 40%, sunflower and soybean — 17% each.

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