A USD 3 mln pig breeding complex project intended for Cherkasy region

Thomas Brunner
Thomas Brunner
Photo by: Latifundist.com

The Austrian farmer Thomas Brunner plans to build another pig complex in Cherkasy region worth of USD 3 million, delo.ua writes.

At the moment, the entrepreneur is already developing one complex in the village of Tomashivka in Cherkassy region, where about 5 thou. pigs are raised.

"In the next couple of years, we want to increase the number of livestock at least by half — up to 10 thou. heads. At the current pig complex, we can increase the number of livestock to 6.5 thou. heads. At the new pig complex, we want to raise 7-8 thou. pigs in the future," the farmer says.

He informed that he had already purchased a non-working cattle-breeding complex in the Kamensky district of Cherkasy region, which he intends to reconstruct for antibiotics-free pigs breeding.

"Now, there is only an old building of the former collective farm. We need to do repairs and buy equipment. To implement such a project will need about USD 3 million," he comments.

Together with the plans for the implementation of the second pig complex, Thomas Brunner means to build a slaughterhouse at the first pig complex, which will make it possible to simplify the production of pork and will open the prospect of producing ready-made pig products.

Co-owned by Thomas Brunner Agro Plus 2006 company trades in 600-700 heads exclusively in live weight monthly.

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