UkrLandFarming creates livestock cluster in Zhytomyr region

The UkrLandFarming Group of companies plans to establish a livestock cluster specializing in breeding meat cows in Zhytomyr region. This is informed by Volodymyr Levkivsky, the Head of Polissya cluster of UkrLandFarming, UNIAN reports.

"We plan to increase the number of beef herd by at least 1.5-2 thou. heads by purchasing young stock for fattening," he said.

Now the total number of livestock in Polissya cluster is 6 thou. head of meat breeds — Ukrainian meat breed, Polissian, and Aberdeen.

According to Volodymyr Levkivsky, today the main task for the further development of animal husbandry in the cluster is to work out the technology of breeding and to train staff to work with new technologies that are used to raise breeding-stock.

He stresses that for a more efficient breeding of cattle a special diet is developed, consisting of grain, silage and protein feed.

"It is planned to build two feed mixers on the farm to improve the technology of feeding animals. Today we are fully provided with feed. 40 thou. tons of corn silage, alfalfa and our own grain. We buy only protein feeds. It is also planned to install two feed mixers and teach the staff to work with these technologies, work out the diet by age groups of livestock to see what the maximum weight gain is achieved through various rations," says Volodymyr Levkivsky about the technology of growing beef cattle breeds.

Previously it was reported that the profitability of the dairy business in UkrLandFarming reached 20%.

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