Mriya completed potato harvesting with a yield of 37.7 t/ha

Potato harvesting on Mriya Agroholding's fields
Potato harvesting on Mriya Agroholding's fields
Photo by: «Мрия Агрохолдинг»

Mriya Agroholding completed potato harvesting upon 634 hectares.

The average yield of the crop amounted to 37.7 tons/hectare, which is higher than the planned indicators.

“We have repeatedly noted that potato cultivation is a strategic direction for Mriya. For this reason, the company purposefully increases the area under this crop: from 92 hectares in 2017 to 634 hectares in 2018. Next year we plan to allocate 2,038 hectares for this crop,” commented the company's COO Andrei Grigorov.

He noted that in order to implement the long-term strategy for potato production in 2017, the company 100% updated the seed material, having purchased elite potato seeds in Germany and the Netherlands.

A part of this year's potato harvest will be sold to external customers, and a part will be used as seed.

Previously it was reported that the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) had authorized SALIC (UK) LIMITED for the acquisition of Mriya Agroholding.

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