Mriya Agroholding finalized harvesting pulses and oilseeds with 457 thou. tons

Photo by: пресс-служба «Мрии»

Mriya Agroholding has finalized harvesting of pulses and oilseeds on 137 thou. hectares with a bulk yield of 457 thou. tons.

The company harvested sunflower on the area of 33.1 thou. hectares, soybeans — on 25.3 thou. hectares and corn — on 14.9 thou. hectares. Potato yield amounted to 23 thou. tons on 635 hectares.

“This year, despite the changeability of weather conditions, we have finished the harvesting campaign of pulses and oilseeds with the result higher than planned. The team worked well and cost-effectively, responding promptly to all the difficulties of the season,” commented the company's COO Andrei Grigorov.

Currently, Mriya Agroholding is completing sugar beet harvesting on 7.27 thou. hectares, the delivery of the crop to sugar refineries is planned to be completed by mid-December 2018.

As of 16 November 2018, 1.26 million tons of sugar are produced in Ukraine.

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