Kernel to invest USD 500 in four projects

In the next three years, Kernel will invest USD 500 million in the implementation of four projects. This was informed by Yevgeny Osipov, the CEO of the company, during the PRO100 AGRO conference in the framework of the Open Agribusiness programme presentation.

“First, the construction of an oil extraction plant in Khmelnytsky region. Secondly, the construction of a network of elevators for storing 1 million tons of grain. The funds will also be used to build a port terminal for the transshipment of 4 million tons of grain. And one more direction of the company's investment is green energy,” commented Yevgeny Osipov.

The company's CEO spoke of the importance of Open Agribusiness for the Ukrainian farmers.

“We are ready to share professional expertise with the market, show how our crops grow in different regions, what technologies we use, etc. We do not want to sell you anything. On the contrary, we want to buy agricultural raw materials. We need agrarians to grow a lot of grains and oilseeds, and at low cost. That is, in this case, our interests coincide,” added Yevgeny Osipov.

The PRO100 AGRO conference brought together more than 700 participants from all over Ukraine. Most of them (80-85%) are representatives of agricultural enterprises, as well as employees of agricultural universities and Kernel partners.

Previously the company informed that it planned to achieve a 50-100% increase in all its business segments.

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