Return on investment in agriculture takes 3-4 years

Currently, investment in the agricultural sector pays off rather quickly — in 3.4 years. This was reported by Nikolai Kisil, PhD, the Head of the National Scientific Center Investment Department in the Institute of Agrarian Economy.

According to him, most national investors recognize the attractiveness of Ukraine’s agricultural production. This is confirmed by positive trends in the dynamics of capital investments.

Even during wartime, economic instability and other negative factors, the volume of capital investments in the agricultural sector over the past three years increased by 81% compared to 2014.

In 2018, capital investments growth rates declined. This is due to the fact that in conditions of increased risk, national investors prefer short investments in working capital gains that are larger than capital ones. Their amount per UAH 1 of capital investment over the past three years is UAH 2.64.

Previously it was reported that the investment in the port industry of Ukraine in the next 5 years would be around USD 3 billion.

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