Sunflower meal deliveries turn record high

In December 2018, Ukraine supplied a record monthly amount of sunflower meal — 580 thou. tons, which is 40% higher than December 2017 deliveries, APK-Inform writes.

Since the start of the 2018/19 September-December season, the export of these products from Ukraine amounted to 1.56 million tons (+3%), which is also the maximum volume for this period.

China remains the key importer of the product having purchased 1.56 million tons (+3%), which is also a record figure for the given period.

Shipment volumes to Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia and a number of states have improved.

In November 2018, Ukraine delivered to China a record volume of sunflower meal — 175 thou. tons.

The new infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2017/18 is available by the link.

Sunflower seeds production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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