Bizon-Tech became authorized dealer of Precision Planting in Ukraine

Bizon-Tech, which is part of the BKW Group, has become the official dealer of Precision Planting in Ukraine. This was announced by Dmitry Gratsa, Head of Precision Farming project of the Bizon-Tech company, informs.

The US-based company focuses on developing smart products that improve planting, liquid application and harvest operations on farms across the world. In 2017, Precision Planting was acquired by AGCO Corporation.

"Bizon-Tech looked through the Precision Planting equipment and decided to add it to its portfolio. A modern model of farming as a business makes it impossible to get the maximum benefit using only one part of the production process. To get the maximum effect, we need machinery, technology, seed, crop protection products, and fertilizers," Dmitry Gratsa noted.

Bizon-Tech provides a full range of Precision Planting equipment. Its portfolio includes:

There are also solutions for FurrowJet liquid fertilizers application, technologies of automatic control of seeding depth, SmartFirmer sensor and CleanSweep residue remover.

Precision Planting equipment is versatile, so it can be used for both mechanical and pneumatic seeders. There are installation kits that make this equipment specific to a particular brand and model. Practically all equipment from the manufacturer's portfolio can be installed on the seeders of American manufacturers, for example, AGCO, John DeereCase IHKinzeGreat Plains. The sowing units of European companies may differ in design, therefore, a full list of equipment is unavailable.

According to Dmitry Gratsa, re-equipment of seeders is carried out at the customer's enterprise. The whole process takes about three to four days to set up, calibrate and test. Precision Planting is adjusted at the beginning of the season. Then one simply needs to change the display for another crop.

“We have recently become Precision Planting dealers, but we have big plans regarding the Precision Planting implementation scale. We are set to present truly effective solutions to the maximum number of agriproducers. We will demonstrate the equipment to our clients on field days, and then we will demonstrate efficiency from our own experience,” Dmitry Gratsa stressed.

As previously reported, Bizon-Tech became the official representative of Amazone in Ukraine. The company is authorized to sell machinery and spare parts, as well as its servicing.

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