Grain exports in 2018 reached the record USD 7.2 bln

In the 2018 calendar year, Ukraine shipped for export 41.7 million tons. In monetary terms, exports resulted in the highest value for the history of Ukraine — USD 7.2 billion. This is reported by Nikolai Pugachev, the deputy director of the National Scientific Center Institute of Agrarian EconomicsNAAS corresponding member.

This indicator is three times higher than in 2010 and only 0.4 pct less than in 2017. According to Nikolai Pugachev, this was primarily driven by an increase in export prices.

A new record was set in corn shipments — 21.4 million tons. It exceeded the figure of 2017 (19.4 million tons) by 10 pct, and it is 5.2 times higher than the results of 2010, the expert noted.

Although the export volumes of wheat exceeded the supplies in 2010 by 3.3 times, they decreased in comparison with 2017 and totalled 16.4 million tons in 2018.

Barley supplies to foreign markets in 2018 decreased by 1.3 million tons y-o-y and amounted to 3.6 million tons.

Despite the relatively small export volumes of rye, last year there was a fourfold increase in foreign supplies of this crop to more than 100 thou. tons.

The key importers of Ukrainian grain in 2018 remained unchanged, those are the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Egypt traditionally is the major importer of Ukrainian grain since 2011. Last year, the country purchased grain for USD 666 million or 20 pct less than in 2017. Its share in total exports of this type of agricultural products accounted for 9.2 pct.

Spain holds the second position in the TOP-10 importers for the second year in a row. Last year, it increased the volume of grain purchases compared with 2017 by almost 35 pct to USD 643 million (8.9 pct).

The Netherlands imported grain worth USD 556 million, China — USD 552 million, Indonesia — USD 487 million, Saudi Arabia — USD 449 million, Italy — USD 336 million, the Philippines — USD 316 mln, Tunisia — USD 290 million, Morocco — USD 263 million, and Libya — USD 248 million. Together, these 11 countries generated 2/3 of the value of all grain purchases.

As previously reported, Ukraine holds the position of one of the key world producers and exporters of grain.

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The Ukrainian agricultural export structure and incomes (click for full resolution)

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