Ukraine among the top producers of gymnospermous pumpkin

In 2018, Svarog West Group Corp. for the first time produced pumpkin seed oil at facilities in Austria.

Given that Austria has limited opportunities for the production of the Gleisdorfer pumpkin hybrid, the country imports the needed volume of seeds for processing. Ukraine was one of the suppliers, thus became one of the key producers.

“In 2018, Svarog West Group Corp. for the first time produced of its own product — high-quality pumpkin seed oil. The successful hybrid of gymnospermous pumpkin, Gleisdorfer (oil content 48-50%), and modern special equipment became the key to a quality end product — oil produced by our partners on the Corporation's order,” said Oleksandr Buzhenytsia, Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Commercial Officer at Svarog West Group Corp.

In 2019, Svarog West Group Corp. planted 574 hectares with gymnospermous pumpkin under the traditional technology.

In total, the Corporation allocated 6.25 pct of farmland for niche crops.

Previously Svarog West Group informed about winter crops condition in its fields. 16 thou. hectares of winter wheat and 3.26 thou. hectares of rapeseed are in satisfactory condition in the company's fields.

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