Cherkasy region produced the highest yields in 2018

In 2018, all categories of enterprises in Cherkasy region harvested 4.6 million tons of grain, of which 995 thou. tons are food crops. These indicators are respectively 59 pct and 33 pct more than in 2017, informs with reference to the Central Administration of Statistics Service in Cherkasy region.

“The increase in the production of grain crops was ensured by the expansion of the planting areas and the yield improvement by 2.47 t/ha (7.1 t/ha). In terms of grain production, Cherkasy region is the 4th among all regions of Ukraine, and in terms of yield it is the leader,” the report says.

Sunflower production amounted to 641 thou. tons, 27 pct more than in 2017, the yield increased by 0.69 tons and amounted to 3.17 tons/ha (1st place among the regions). Due to the yield increase, the production of rapeseed also grew by 50 pct, soybeans — by 29 pct (the bulk yield amounted to 123 thou. tons and 268 thou. tons, respectively).

The production of sugar beet (industrial) progressed by 5 pct and amounted to 704 thou. tons.

The key producers of potatoes, vegetables, fruit and berries are personal small-holdings. They produced 97 pct of the total volume of potatoes (889 thou. tons), 70 pct of vegetables (250 thou. tons), and 79 pct of fruit (49 thou. tons).

The projection for world wheat production in 2019/20 is increased by 23.8 million tons to 758.7 million tons, 24 pct higher than the current season (734.9 million tons).

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