Avangard demonstrated a 33 pct increase in consolidated revenue

In the year 2018, the Avangard Agroholding consolidated revenue increased by 33 pct YoY to USD 169.9 million (2017: USD 127.9 million).

The company’s export revenues increased by 74 pct YoY to USD 66.1 million, driven by increased export sales of both shell eggs and dry egg products and the higher export price for shell eggs. The share of export revenue in the consolidated revenue reached 39 pct.

"In the reporting period, the consolidated revenue increased by 33% YoY to USD 169.9 million due to a 13 pct YoY increase in sales of shell eggs and a 33 pct YoY surge in the average sales price for shell eggs in the Ukrainian Hryvnia," the report says.

Avangard’s net loss amounted to USD 55.8 million (2017: USD 7.5 million).

Shell egg production improved by 9 pct YoY to 2.63 billion eggs (2017: 2.40 billion eggs). Sales of shell eggs in 2018 increased by 13 pct to 2.11 billion eggs (2017: 1.87 billion eggs).

Exports of shell eggs grew by 47 pct YoY to 822 million units benefiting from the greater diversification of its sales destinations and increased sales to key markets for the Company: Iraq, the UAE, Qatar, Liberia, Turkey and Moldova.

Dry egg products output rose 2 pct to 6.48 thou. tons (2017: 6.37 thou. tons). Export of these products doubled to 5.71 thou. tons (2017: 2.56 thou. tons).

The State Statistics Service of Ukraine informs that in the year 2018 Ukraine exported 107.5 thou. tons of eggs, 21 pct more than in 2017 (88.6 thou. tons).

The infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2017/18 is available by the link.

Poultry production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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