Turkey provided for 90 pct of tomato supply to Ukraine

In Q1 2019, Ukraine imported 88.2 per cent or 14.2 thou. tons of the total volume of tomatoes from Turkey. The supply is worth USD 10 million.

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU) reports that the key exporters of tomatoes to Ukraine in the reporting period are as follows:

  • Spain — 0.9 tons, USD 751 thou. (6.1 per cent);
  • Morocco — 0.4 tons, USD 268 thou. (2.2 per cent);
  • others — 0.5 tons, USD 414 thou. (3.4 per cent).

In January-March 2019, Ukraine imported a total of 16 thou. tons of tomatoes worth USD 12.2 million.

According to the SFSU, in Q1 2019, 409 tons of tomatoes were exported from Ukraine for the amount of USD 1.1 million.

The main importing countries of Ukrainian tomatoes in the indicated period are as follows:

  • Poland — 406 tons, USD 1.1 million (99.3 per cent);
  • Georgia — 0.7 tons, USD 2 thou. (0.2 per cent);
  • Malta — 0.4 tons, USD 1 thou. (0.01 per cent);
  • others — 1.8 tons, USD 5 thou. (0.4 per cent).

Previously it was reported that the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP) had discovered 11.8 tons of infected tomatoes from Turkey.

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