Kusto Agro acquired AgroGeneration asset

Kusto Agro company acquired AgroGeneration's subsidiary, Agro Fund Terestchenko.

According to the company's message, the land bank of Agro Fund Tereshchenko amounts to 7 thou. hectares.

“Previously, more than 90 people worked in the company. On integration with Kusto Agro, redeployment of staff was carried out. A part of the personnel (machine operators, technical specialists) was transferred to another enterprise of Kusto Agro, Serviceagrotech. We still have accountants, agronomists, and managers. In total, there are 34 specialists in the company,” said Valeriy Melnik, Director General of Agro Fund Tereshchenko.

The Fund specializes in the production of winter rapeseed, wheat and barley. The company's crop rotation system also includes sunflower and corn.

Earlier it was reported that Kusto Group had made a decision on investments aimed at building a modern agricultural sector in Kazakhstan.

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