EBRD denied blocking a loan for MHP

Shareholders of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) did not consider the allocation of funds for the MHP project. The meeting was postponed to a later date.

"The information in Kurier's publication is not true. The EBRD shareholders did not even consider the project. The date of consideration is postponed," the EBRD press-service said.

As EPravda reports with reference to the MHP message that the EBRD Board meeting with the company's representatives was rescheduled under technical circumstances.

“It is a standard procedure. A new meeting date will be scheduled soon. There is no direct relationship between the postponement of the EBRD Board of Directors meeting and the trade relations between the EU and Ukraine,” the Bank's press-service noted.

The company stresses that there is a possibility MPs use this situation in their communications in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

The message indicates that initially on applying for a loan from the EBRD, funds were planned for the purchase a majority stake in the holding company of Perutnina Ptuj group of companies in Slovenia.

“The Board of Directors was scheduled for May. MHP, in turn, acquired the company and closed the transaction in April 2019. Accordingly, the EBRD loan will be used to optimize the MHP loan portfolio and refinancing,” the company notes.

The target board is appointed for June 19th, 2019.

In April, MHP announced an agreement with SIJ Group on a final purchase price of EUR 22.34 per share for the acquisition of Perutnina Ptuj.

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