EBRD to provide 20 pct of yearly investment in agribusiness — Lebedynets

Anna Lebedynets
Anna Lebedynets, Agribusiness projects Senior Banker at EBRD
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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) may invest in Ukraine's economy about EUR 1 billion annually. About 20 per cent of this amount may fall on agricultural projects. This was stated by Anna Lebedynets, Agribusiness projects Senior Banker at EBRD within the framework of business breakfast with MHP, TAS Agro, Agrovista and the State Savings Bank of Ukraine (Oschadbank).

“We expect more investments in 2019 than in the past year. Therefore, if some other banks or investors are wary of an evolving political situation, the EBRD continues to work as part of its strategy. We can invest in the country about EUR 1 billion annually. About 20 per cent of this amount may be allocated for projects in the agricultural sector,” said Anna Lebedynets.

According to her, the EBRD has intensified the work with agricultural companies, strengthening the base for financing small agribusinesses.

“A few years ago, within the framework of the EU4Business program supported by the EU, we created a special department that deals with consulting assistance and lending to small and medium-sized businesses. Our team and resource base has increased to work with smaller companies because we usually financed larger companies. But this does not mean that our focus has shifted — we just expanded it,” explained the EBRD Agribusiness projects Senior Banker.

Anna Lebedynets stressed that the EBRD preserves the status of one of the key investors in Ukraine.

The EBRD launched the EUR 60 million EU4Business-EBRD credit line in partnership with the European Union to support the development of small and medium enterprises in Ukraine.

The infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2017/18 is available by the link.

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